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Jolt’s Executive Director to Step Down

Austin, Texas

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, June 17, 2022

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Gloria Gonzales-Dholakia is stepping down as Executive Director of Jolt Action and Jolt Initiative this summer. A lifelong educational and political leader in the Central Texas community, Gonzales-Dholakia has left an indelible mark at Jolt, which harnesses the power of young Latinos to transform the Texas political landscape. 

During her time spearheading the Jolt Action and Jolt Initiative organizations, she has played a vital role in building the collective voice, power, and influence of young Latinos across the Lone Star State. 

“The last year has been a defining one for our organization, as we found new ways to keep a growing base of Latino voters engaged in our democracy,” Gonzales-Dholakia said. “We, along with our fellow Texas Latinos, have found ways to remain resilient, resourceful and flexible amid voter suppression, increased intimidation tactics and violent attacks against our community, all in the middle of a global pandemic. The challenges we continue to face have provided us a unique opportunity to innovate and contribute to the political and cultural shift Texas is experiencing.”

In the first half of 2022, Jolt organizers have registered nearly 6,000 Texans to vote. That’s already more than the number of total registered voters in 2021. From January to June of 2022, nearly 8,000 Texans Pledged to Vote. Jolt is a leader in voter registration and voter mobilization in Texas. 

“The Jolt Initiative Board is grateful for Gloria’s steadfast leadership in this pivotal moment in Jolt’s history,” said Jolt Initiative Board member Madge Vasquez. “We congratulate Gloria as she embarks on a new adventure and we remain steadfast in our board commitment to ensure a smooth transition, in collaboration with the phenomenal Jolt staff, our funders and community collaborators.”

Gonzales-Dholakia plans to stay heavily involved in Jolt’s efforts and she is confident that Jolt is headed toward prosperous growth in the years to come. 

“Although her tenure with Jolt was short, the work that Gloria did for our organization will be long-lasting and will affect Latinos across the State of Texas,” said Jolt Action Board Chair Aaron M. Muñoz. “Gloria ensured that our programs were operating efficiently, which allows our staff to continue to engage Latinos in key battleground areas so our community’s voice is heard across Texas. Even as we go through this transition, Jolt will continue to engage voters in our community to cultivate the culture, ideas, and policies that will define Texas for decades to come.”

Jolt’s partnering organizations such as Texas Future Project remain fully committed to their collaborations with the team. 

“There is so much at stake this critical election year and TFP knows that to build a future for a more progressive Texas, we need all hands on deck. That’s why we’re so proud to partner with fellow nonprofit organizations like Jolt that are at the forefront of changing the face of our democracy,” said Delilah Agho-Otoghile, Executive Director at Texas Future Project. “We are proud to have worked alongside Gloria to empower young Texans to fight for themselves, their families and their communities. Though we are saddened that Gloria is stepping down, we are confident that she has put in place a team that is ready to take the reins and take Jolt to the next level and help fight for a better tomorrow for all Texans.”

Gonzales-Dholakia thanked everyone who lives out their purpose every day to empower the voice and vote of Texans. “Together, we are building a better, brighter future for all Texans.”

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Founded in 2016, Jolt Action is a progressive civic engagement organization focused on building the political power and influence of young Latinos in Texas.