Jolt Action


Statement From Jolt’s Executive Director On The Senate Special Committee on Redistricting

AUSTIN, Texas — The following is a statement from Jolt Action and Jolt Initiative Executive Director Dr. Gloria Gonzales-Dholakia on the Senate Special Committee on Redistricting.

“As the state Legislature begins its third special legislative season, Jolt will be closely watching the redistricting process to ensure Latinos throughout Texas are fairly represented. The 2020 U.S. Census found people of color, and Latinos in particular, were responsible for the vast majority of population growth in our state.

“These communities need to be represented in the districts lawmakers draw up in the next 30 days. Democracy works best when everyone has a seat at the table. Jolt Initiative is committed to increasing the civic participation of Latinos in Texas to build a stronger democracy and ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.”

Jolt Action is a 501c4 Latino civic engagement organization focused on building the political power and influence of young Latinos in Texas. Jolt Action is focused on community organizing, leadership development, voter engagement, and multi-issue advocacy. Jolt’s high school and university chapters across the state mobilize around issues such as student debt, racial and immigrant justice, healthcare reform, and climate change. 

Jolt Initiative is a 501c3 non-profit organization that increases the civic participation of Latinos to build a stronger democracy and ensure that everyone’s voice is heard. Jolt knows that our democracy works best when everyone gets a seat at the table. That’s why Jolt builds the leadership capacity of millennial Latinos to increase their civic participation and mobilize their peers to action.