Jolt Action

The Supreme Court ruling harms our health – help us push for a clean future

Join Jolt Action in calling for President Biden to protect our families from pollution and invest in clean energy solutions. 

From the Gulf Coast to the Permian Basin, all Texans deserve to breathe clean air wherever we live, work and spend time with our families. We need sensible laws that protect our health and keep the planet safe for future generations. Today, however, the Supreme Court issued a ruling that makes it easier for wealthy corporations to leave their toxic messes in our communities.

Texas has 19 coal-fired power plants, with several located alongside majority-Latino neighborhoods. The Environmental Protection Agency is supposed to stop these power plants from releasing large amounts of dangerous pollution into the air, making our families sick and our planet unstable. But in a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court made it much harder for the EPA to limit pollution from power plants, specifically carbon dioxide pollution – the main driver of climate change and extreme weather events such as Hurricane Harvey and Winter Storm Uri. 

Jolt Action stands for a bright future for all Texans to live in safe, healthy communities. To reach this future, we must hold our elected officials accountable for stopping pollution and investing in clean energy solutions. A 2020 poll from the Environmental Defense Fund and GreenLatinos March found 85% of Latinos think we need to reduce smog and air pollution, and 84% of Latinos favor government funding for clean energy.

There are still many actions that President Joe Biden’s administration can do to protect Texans from air pollution and prevent the worst effects of climate change from taking place.