Jolt Action

Jolt Action believes every student deserves the most accurate and quality education we can give them, and that means teaching the truth about our history. 

At Jolt, we celebrate our shared values as Texans from all walks of life. No matter where we come from, all Texans want the freedom to learn. We take pride in working to correct the historical injustices experienced by communities of color in our state, to truly build a democracy for all. Unfortunately, attacks on our schools are nothing new, and conservative special interest groups continue trying to stop the true stories of all diverse Texans from being told. 

The State Board of Education rejected proposed changes that would have changed the language describing Africans being kidnapped from their home and sold as slaves. The changes would have described these horrific chapters in U.S. history as “involuntary relocation.” instead of what it was: slavery. Luckily, the State Board of Education rejected this language, but it is only the latest example of an attempt to silence our voices and censor history. 

Previously in Texas, an approved social studies textbook referred to slaves as “workers.” Texas Senate Bill 3 explicitly forbids slavery from being taught as part of our Nation’s founding; instead, it must be taught as “nothing more than a deviation from American values,” according to the Texas Tribune. Additionally, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has promised to enact a law stopping discussions of LGBTQ+ individuals in schools if he is re-elected. 

Together, we can transform Texas so that politicians are not afraid to teach the truth, and our collective historytaught with empathy, accuracy and respect. The Texas Freedom Network (TFN) has been a leader in fighting to ensure all students get the education they need and deserve to become successful. Jolt Action is a proud coalition partner on TFN’s Teach the Truth campaign to ensure that the voices of our communities drive education policy and not that of politicians.

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