Jolt Action

Empowering Latinos to use their voice & votes to build a better, brighter future for all texans.

We believe young Latinos will transform Texas through the power of their vote. Together we are building a democracy that represents the voices & values of our diverse state.

We are building a latino-led movement that will win our communities power and respect.

Voter Engagement

Leadership Development

arts & Culture

Student Chapters

Powered by young people. A way to connect with your peers and start your civic engagement journey.

Join Team Jolt

Jolt works to keep our network informed on volunteer opportunities and the issues impacting Latinos in Texas.

Artists in Residence

We harness the power of art and culture to make change and inspire conversations. We empower creatives!

Voting Resources

Voting should be safe and easy for everyone. Jolt provides helpful information on the entire process from registering to vote, to what’s on the ballot, when and where to vote, what to bring to the polls and what to do if you experience intimidation at the polls. 

2022 Impact Report

What we Believe Is Simple:

Our democracy is stronger when everyone has a seat at the table. We use the power of art, culture and storytelling to counter harmful narratives about Latinos in Texas. We are building a Latino-led movement that will win our community the power and respect it deserves.

Our History

Jolt was founded in 2016 by Civil Rights champion Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez to empower young people to create change for themselves & their communities. The organization now operates teams in Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio & Houston with 24 full-time & 14 part-time staff members, the majority of whom are people of color.