Jolt Action

why our core issues?

We Are Texas And We Are Going To Make Sure That Texas Reflects Us.

Latinos are the future of Texas, and we believe politicians should work for us, not just for the interests of corporations of a minority that refuses to see us as equal. We deserve to have power and respect, and that means our democracy should


Look Like Us

Those in power should reflect Texas’ demographic truth: The majority of us are people of color,  half of us are women, many of us are LGBTQ+, and most of us make less than $29,000 a year. To tackle the toughest challenges we face as Latinos & as a state, we need politicians who come from our communities and who understand our needs and experiences. 


represent us

Our elected officials should represent the people of Texas, not corporations, lobbyists or the racist, sexist and homophobic minority. Elected officials must enact and prioritize policies to ensure that Latinos have access to clean air and water, high-quality and affordable healthcare, well-paying jobs and good schools.


Value all Voices

Every vote and every voice should be valued. Exercising our right to vote should be easy, and our elected officials should be equally accessible to every Texan. We must work to get money out of politics so our elected leaders are truly accountable la raza, not just corporations, the one percent or well-funded donors.

What we Stand for

Good Jobs and Climate Justice

Our country’s reliance on oil and gas is causing irreparable damage to our climate, and the consequences are being felt most profoundly in Black and Brown communities. Now is the time to mobilize communities of color across the Lone Star State to fight for a climate agenda that prioritizes the needs of our communities.

Healthcare for Everyone

The evidence is clear — America’s health care system is broken. Texas has the highest number of uninsured people in the nation and it leads the way in having the worst health outcomes for people, especially Latinos. Texas also ranks 49th in the nation in the number of mental health providers for every 100,000 people. Healthcare is a human right, and it’s time we joined other industrialized nations in prioritizing the health and wellbeing of our people. 

Education For All

College should not be a privilege for those who can afford it. Every young person should have the right to higher education without the massive burdens that keep them from building generational wealth and pursuing their dreams. We believe all public, post-secondary institutions should be free of tuition to all students, regardless of immigration status, and that all current student loan debt should be eliminated, tax-free. Sixty two percent of jobs in Texas require some form of postsecondary education. However, two-thirds of prime working-age adults in Texas lack an associate’s degree or higher, leaving the state far behind other competitive large states in terms of educational attainment. 

Respect for Immigrant families

Texas’ diversity is its greatest strength, and as a state where 1 out of every 6 Texans is an immigrant, we wholeheartedly recognize that immigrants make this country better. The criminalization of undocumented immigrants and the demonization of those who come to this country seeking a better future must end. Jolt is mobilizing our young Latinx community to stand in support of immigrants. 

Democracy For All

Communities of color have immense power, and politicians know it. Texas’ Latinx population has grown by 2 million in the last decade and Latino projected to be the majority group in the state by 2030. We know that voting is a right, not a privilege; nonetheless, Texas has historically discriminated against voters of color and has continuously attempted to suppress the voting power of our growing Black and brown constituency. This is why we are building a movement of young Latinos ready to transform Texas.

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