Jolt Action

Who We Are

Jolt Action is lead by Latinos who have fought, marched & organized for our community. We’ve come together to build a movement in Texas that challenges the status quo & innovates civic participation.

Senior Staff

Diana Maldonado



A community, political and educational leader in the Central Texas region, Diana Maldonado will drive forward Jolt’s mission to harness the power of young Latinos to transform Texas through their voice and their vote. 


She joins Jolt through her role as CEO and President of Maldonado Strategies, LLC, where she positions businesses for success and lasting impact. In her prior role as President and CEO of the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, she implemented the CEO Speaker Series to bring dialogue and connections that impact Latino business and issues. 


Diana is the first Latina elected to represent Williamson County in the Texas House of Representatives during which time she authored and co-authored 88 bills and was named “Freshman of the Year” by her colleagues. She served in an Executive role for the Mexican American Legislative Caucus, was appointed to the State Affairs and Defense & Veterans Affairs Committees, served as President of the Round Rock ISD Board of Trustees and spent two decades building a career at the Texas State Comptroller’s Office. 

Jackie Bastard



Jackie is a first generation college graduate. She attended the University of Houston Downtown where she obtained a B.S. in Criminal Justice and then obtained a M.A. in Criminology from the University of Houston Clear Lake.


Jackie is excited to be part of Jolt, an organization that empowers, equips, and mobilizes individuals to speak up not only for themselves but for those who are afraid to do so for fear of reprisal. 

Maria Tolentino



Maria is a proud Texas native, Chicana, and first-generation Mexican-American. She is the granddaughter of migrant farmworkers and daughter to immigrant mother from Monterrey, Mexico. Maria has been in the non-profit sector for 16 years working with underserved communities, single-parent households and at-risk youth to remove barriers while developing employment and educational opportunities. She is a proud mother of five and a hobby sugar artist/baker for local and national charities.

Through her personal experiences of the injustices facing the Latinx communities and political issues that were near and dear to her heart, she was drawn to become involved with Jolt. She wants to be a voice of empowerment and become a force for positive change in the Latinx community.

She hopes to encourage, educate and mobilize the Latinx community to use their voting power for positive change in addition to advocating for those who cannot vote.

Dr. Caitlin Walker

Operations and HR Director


Born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley, Dr. Caitlin C. Walker (Dr. C) has supported under-resourced communities in Texas for over a decade.

In addition to founding a social impact focused coaching and consulting company, her experience includes leading learning and development as the Director of Education of a rural healthcare system during the onset of COVID-19, empowering life change as the VP of Program Operations and Experience of the first accredited coding bootcamp in Texas, and promoting economic development as the Chief Operating Officer of a small business chamber of commerce. She has also founded a nonprofit organization that provides tech literacy training for her fellow Hispanic women so that they can grow more resilient careers.

Dr. C holds her clinical doctorate in physical therapy from Texas State University, as well as a Master of Business Administration from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and multiple human resource management certifications. She has also completed management and leadership training with Johns Hopkins University and a professional graduate certificate in Learning Design and Technology from Harvard Extension School. Dr. C is continuously learning so that she can best build equity and excellence within communities and organizations and is currently pursuing her doctorate in law (JD).

Austin Staff

Tom Curcio

Office Manager


Tom has spent the first half of his career working in the Wine and Spirits industry
throughout Colorado. While working in the wine business, Tom had several
opportunities to travel the world and experience firsthand the beauty of people,
their culture and historical traditions. A decade ago, as his thirst for adventure
grew, Tom began traveling to Central America in support of education
development and poverty alleviation in Honduras and Guatemala. After
numerous trips to some of the most rural communities in Central America, Tom
felt called to leave the traditional business world to advocate for social change,
equality and justice in our local communities. When he´s not doing his part to
support the mission at Jolt, Tom spends most of time playing guitar, enjoying
great food and practicing his Spanish.

Sarah Chavez

Development Associate


Sarah (she/they) believes that through Jolt’s innovative and effective work, Texas’ leadership will become more reflective of the diverse communities in her dearly-loved home state. She proudly joined the organization in April 2023.

Sarah has owned a bicycle shop, managed restaurants, and fundraised for campaigns and nonprofits for over a decade. She enjoys two-stepping with her spouse, petting their cats, listening to music, and cheering on the Dallas Cowboys.

Fernando Avelar

Writer and Multimedia Designer


Fernando Avelar is a creative Writer and Multimedia Designer at Jolt who joined the Austin team July 2023. He is excited to share the news of becoming a U.S. citizen and looks forward to using his voice at the polls. Fernando grew up in Mexico City and has lived in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and now Austin. He graduated from University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design. He aspires to use his design skills to encourage Latinos to be civically engaged in order to shape their communities.

Dallas Staff

Cristina Dolores Garrido



Cristina is a first-generation Mexican-American, born in San Antonio and raised in Fort Worth. In 2012, she became the first in her family to go to college. After graduating from Johns Hopkins University with a Bachelor of Arts, she came back home to North Texas. Since then, Cristina has been an active member of the Dallas-Fort Worth community. She holds leadership positions in youth-led, progressive organizations, and has volunteered and been a staff member on several political campaigns, including local, state, and congressional.

Cristina’s hands-on experience in organizing and her personal passion for justice for Latinx communities drew her to Jolt. She understands the complexities of our communities, and hopes to uplift the disenfranchised. Cristina is excited to be a part of the mobilization of young Latinx communities and help raise our voices. 

Azael Martinez

Deputy Field Organizer


Azael Martinez was born in Ciudad Juarez, but relocated to Fort Worth early in life. Being raised in a poverty stricken household and in a poverty stricken neighborhood, he experienced first hand the hardships that are faced within marginalized and impoverished communities. This has caused him to seek ways to aid in bringing about positive change to these primarily black and brown communities, leading him to a position as a DFO at Jolt. He is currently finishing his last semester at TCC before pursuing a degree in anthropology. His hobbies are playing music, watching anime, and hiking.

Jay Rosa

Deputy Field Organizer


Josue A. Rosa is a first-generation Salvadoran student born and raised in Dallas, Texas studying at Texas A&M majoring in Political Science and minoring in Business Administration. Josue’s experience in advocacy extends to working with State and Nationwide nonprofit organizations that help at aiding and empowering marginalized communities. Josue is passionate about providing the necessary information and tools to organize lower-income areas and is excited to closely work with other organizers to uplift Latine voices and empower them to be civically active here in Texas.

Houston Staff

Daniel Robles

Regional Organizer


Daniel Robles is a Texas raised activist and organizer. Graduated from Texas A&M with a bachelors in Political Science. He served in a congressional internship but felt like not enough was being done in the communities around his constituency and Houston at large. Daniel is driven by politics and one day hopes to have a career in public policy and legislative work. He enjoys movies, video games, and books in his free time.

Beverly Baker

Deputy Field Organizer


I worked in California doing the census in the late 90s it was paper then no computers, since I have joined the Jolt familia. I’ve come to learn more and more about our heritage background being undercounted overlooked and underpaid. Working as Deputy Registrar, has allowed me to engage in Civic conversations for our communities black brown Latinos, we have been suppressed for so long I want to be a part of the solution and no longer part of the problem. As this world changes we as citizens of Texas, will continue to reach out speak for the people stand in the gap and encourage the younger generation of  Latinos black and brown to ensure they are future candidates, as a TEAM, we must continue to educate and be leaders to stop in the oppression in Texas.People need to be heard civically, and I’m honored to do the duty that comes along with spreading the good news and information so that we can place someone in a higher position to help and bring our community together #WeareTexas

Giovanni Mena

Deputy Field Organizer


Giovanni Mena is a Deputy Field Organizer at Jolt. He aspires to make change and grow as a young Latino. Giovanni grew up in a big family of 7 with 4 brothers and 2 sisters. He graduated from Cypress Park High School and is looking to further his education, and help others by any means!

Mia Lucio

Grants Associate


Mia was born and raised in San Antonio. As a University of Houston graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health and a minor in Psychology, she has been a dedicated advocate for public health and mental well-being. Her volunteer work during the COVID pandemic, alongside the University of Houston Student Government, showcased raising awareness for mental health initiatives. After past experience with local Houston nonprofits, challenges with community equity, and a desire to improve organizational growth, it was evident that this sector was made for her.

Passionate about civic engagement, Mia is thrilled to collaborate with Jolt to raise funds for an organization that shares her belief in the power of every vote, regardless of background. As a proud Latina activist, she envisions a prosperous future for the Latino community and strives for inclusivity and empowerment.

With her free time she enjoys reading, drawing, sewing and anything where she can express her creative gene her mother and abuelas passed down generationally.

Looking ahead, Mia aspires to work in development and fundraising, aiming to continue making a positive impact throughout her career.

San Antonio Staff

Cristian Núñez Ramirez

Regional Manager


Cristian is a dedicated Regional Manager in the social justice space whose upbringing and experiences have shaped his unwavering commitment to voter engagement and empowerment.


Born and raised in Zitácuaro, Michoacán, México, Cristian witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by marginalized communities. 


He was raised by two powerhouse women — one his biological mother and the second who became his mamá too– and his loving grandparents. Through them, Cristian learned the values of perseverance, resilience, and community early on.


Driven by his passion for social justice, Cristian earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. He equipped himself with the skills to effectively advocate for those whose voices are often unheard.


Cristian’s journey in the social justice space began with Battleground Texas, where he actively participated in community outreach programs and get-out-the-vote (GOTV) efforts.


Having worked as a Data Practitioner in the tech industry, Cristian has developed a deep understanding of the power of data and technology in driving insights and informing decision-making. He combines this expertise with his passion for social justice to create meaningful impact.

Erick Soberanes



Erick Soberanes is a graduate from Texas State University, studying Art & Design as well as Computer Science. As a first generation Mexican-American, he finds inspiration through learning more about his cultural roots and creating Tex-Mex flavor. Erick is passionate about educating the public through exciting digital mediums that hope to inspire and connect emotionally to our Latino community. He currently resides in Austin, Texas and has joined Jolt as a Digital Content Specialist.

Robert Laurence

Regional Organizer


Robert is a community organizer and consultant who has been organizing in San Antonio and beyond for the past four years. Having to grow up in poverty and with family healthcare debt, he comes to progressive politics not just theoretically but for practical reasons. He looks forward to continue building people power with Jolt and advocate for voting rights both at a community level and the legislative level. With a background in training and campaigns, he tries to facilitate and encourage the community to get involved in politics at all levels. He enjoys dancing, reading about international relations and film history. He believes, organizing communities is not only a worthy cause but a practical necessity to build a better world.

Alondra Nagafuchi

Deputy Field Organizer


Born in Coahuila, Mexico and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Alondra found a second home and community in Texas to love and advocate for. Growing up with a politician grandfather, Alondra always knew the power of our voice mattered and voting was the primary language of a democracy. 

If Alondra is not advocation of marching for the community, she’s spending time with her family either cozy at home or enjoying the outdoors. As a Mom to a tiny human, she’s constantly on the go and organizing activities for her daughter alongside her husband

As a Deputy Field Organizer for Jolt, Alondra knows that through civic-engagement Latinos will have representation and occupy space wherever our voices need to be heard.

Jocelyn Castillo

Deputy Field Organizer


Jocelyn Castillo is a proud San Antonio native and holds a degree in Political Science from UTSA. While in high school, she dedicated her time to the UT Teen Health Youth Leadership Council and continued her community involvement as an intern for Mayor Nirenberg’s re-election campaign. With a heart for social justice, Jocelyn actively seeks opportunities to drive positive change and amplify Latino voices through various channels and communities. When not immersed in civic engagement, she cherishes family time and shares a deep love for cheering on the Spurs.

Martha Reyna

Deputy Field Organizer


Martha was born and raised in San Antonio. Her grandmother’s stories about fighting for worker’s rights is what inspires her to continue advocating for her community. Some of the community projects she advocated for include improvements to public parks in District 12 and organizing a free event for immigration advice from a lawyer. Martha is inspired by the youth marching for civil issues and looks forward to continue to encourage others to vote.

Nicolas Solis

Deputy Field Organizer


Nicolas Solis was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Growing up with only a single mother on the south side of San Antonio, they witnessed the challenges of systemic poverty firsthand, and was inspired by the resilience of community in spite of it all. These formative experiences ignited their passion to advocate for economically vulnerable Texans.

In 2023, Nicolas earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Economics, with a minor in Global Affairs from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Prior to joining Jolt, they honed their skills as a field organizer, helping local issue-based campaigns. At Jolt, they look forward to supporting and advocating on behalf of an empowered and politically engaged Latino community.