Jolt Action

Artist In Residence

Creatives with a cause

Our Artist in Residence program seeks to combine art and advocacy from a Latino and Hispanic perspective to empower our messaging. Our communities are known for our makers, creators, musicians, artists and voices. Jolt Action seeks to create a community of creatives from all mediums to create vibrant works of art that make a difference for young Latinos in Texas. 

  • Brings together different artists and creatives while giving them a platform to create art with a message
  • Gives more visibility to Latinos as they create art that increases public recognition of the dynamic political power that Latinos hold
  • Collaborates with artists – both established and emerging – and encourages them to create content that builds our movement and shares our stories

Now Accepting Applications!

Applications will close on Tuesday, June 18th 

40-week Fellowship to begin in July.

Jolt Artists create with purpose