Jolt Action

Jolt Action is endorsing Jessica Cisneros for U.S. Congress to represent Texas’ 28th Congressional District. From the Rio Grande Valley to San Antonio, Texans from all walks of life deserve a Representative who shares our values and understands our communities. Jessica was born and raised in the 28th district in Laredo, Texas, and is a champion for Texas workers and families. 

“Jessica Cisneros is a powerful Latina advocate with deep ties to border communities in Texas and a history of using her voice to uplift our communities. We have the opportunity to send a fearless Latina to Congress, and Jolt Action is proud to endorse Jessica to help Texans elect the kind of leader we deserve,” said Jolt Action’s Executive Director Gloria Gonzales-Dholakia.

Texans are struggling right now and our elected officials are not meeting the challenges Texans see on a daily basis. Many of us live paycheck to paycheck as the cost of living increases. We are struggling with healthcare costs, student loans and the fear of losing electricity next time extreme weather hits Texas. We deserve a new generation of elected officials capable of leading Texans through these challenges, and Jessica Cisneros has shown she can fight for Texans and our families.

After receiving her law degree from the University of Texas and fighting for the legal rights of immigrants, Jessica Cisneros realized she could best make a difference for her community by running for office. Jessica advocates for all of our rights to healthcare and ensures all Texans, no matter our race, gender or income bracket, can access lifesaving healthcare. Jessica fights for higher wages for Texans in her district and workers across the country. Jessica supports laws to ensure all Texans can vote safely and easily no matter what neighborhood we live in. Jessica is ready to represent Texas’ 28th Congressional District and fight for a better future for Texas.

Early voting for the Texas Primary Runoff Election lasts until 7 pm Friday, May 20th. Election Day is Tuesday, May 24th. Click the link below for information on when, where and how to vote.