Jolt Action

Jolt Action and Jolt Initiative, the largest progressive Latino civic engagement organization in Texas, is searching for talented visual, graphic, multi-media artists to participate in Jolt’s Artist in Residence program. 

We are seeking an Artist in Residence (AiR) for each of the following programs:

  • 1 – Jolt General/Fundraising AiR
  • 1 – 5 Year Anniversary AiR
  • 1 – Jolt Clubs AiR
  • 1 – Jolt Chapters AiR
  • 2 – Levantate Leadership Institute AiR

Applicants must self-identify as Latinx or have a very deeply rooted understanding of Latinx culture, and must be a Texas resident or have strong Texas roots. The selected Artists in Residence will receive a $2,000 stipend, as well as promotional opportunities in both traditional and social media outlets. 

The work will begin in December 2021, and will culminate in early March 2022. 

Deadline to apply: Friday, Dec. 3, 2021 at 11:59 PM CST.

For more information please see below.


About Jolt’s Artist in Residence Program

Jolt’s Artist in Residence program is a contract-based fellowship that creates a collective of artists, musicians, entertainers, filmmakers, and writers who pledge to create art exclusively for Jolt that will give shape to a vibrant Latinx movement in Texas. 

The program is designed to give artists the opportunity to use their talent and creativity to support Jolt’s mission of using art and culture to create transformative change in Texas. Qualifications to become Artists in Residence include being Latinx, Texas-based or with strong Texas roots, and being willing to work with Jolt’s brand and aesthetic.

Each artist is given a stipend to complete their work, generally around $2,000, although the stipend varies according to each project. The fellow grants Jolt the exclusive rights to their work, although they retain usage rights of their artwork as long as it is not used for commercial purposes.

In the past, the Artist in Residence program has created artwork for murals in Brownsville, video ads for Jolt’s GOTV outreach for the 2020 elections, and digital graphics for past voter registration campaigns, among others.

How We Measure Success:

Each Artist in Residence’s contract is uniquely created to fit the specific goal of the campaign they’re assigned to, so the success of each is measured in different ways as well. In each, the goals broadly align to Jolt’s broader Communication goals — increasing our brand awareness, increasing our reach on social media channels, and ultimately strengthening the Jolt brand to bring in new donors and members.

Output vs. Outcome:

On average, our Graphic Design artists in residence create between 8-12 pieces of work. These can include logo or sticker designs, social media graphics, designs for digital ads, or posters. 

Our videographers can create 3-5 videos of varying lengths, including testimonial videos, ads, recap videos, or hype videos.

Our outcomes have always been positive: growth on our social media channels, positive reception of the artists’ work and an increase in the number of times their graphics are shared, media attention, and recognition among our partner organizations for the visual aesthetics of our programs that have continued to distinguish Jolt among other youth civic engagement organizations.


$1600 to $2000 per artist, depending on the medium and output we’re asking for (videographers in general get a higher stipend because video work is more time-intensive). 

Investment of Time:

Artists in Residence meet with a designated member of the Communications team biweekly during the course of their fellowship. Additional Jolt staff members may get pulled into these meetings on an ad-hoc basis to review specific parts of the program, review drafts, or provide guidance or information that helps the artist as they complete their work.

Jolt Initiative 501(c)3 and Jolt Action 501(c)4 are equal opportunity employers. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, and disability, or other legally protected status.