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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, August 30, 2022

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AUSTIN, Texas – Jolt Action proudly announces its official endorsement of the following candidates for the 2022 November Midterm Elections in Texas:

Beto O’Rourke for Governor

Mike Collier for Lt. Governor

Rochelle Garza for Attorney General

Jay Kleberg for Land Commissioner 

Susan Hays for Agriculture Commissioner 

Luke Warford for Railroad Commissioner

Janet Dudding for Comptroller of Public Accounts 


“We deserve a government that works for us and not against us. From access to the ballot box to respecting our rights to bodily autonomy, it is clear that statewide leadership has lost touch with the issues that Texans care about to make this a great diverse state,,” said Jolt Political Specialist Jen Ramos. “20,000 young Latinos turn 18 every year and they deserve to have qualified choices for leadership. This slate of statewide candidates represents the bold dynamic leadership we need to bring Texas forward and not backward.”

From his service in Congress to his historic run for US Senate, Beto O’Rourke has proven his commitment to everyday Texans, not special interests or donors. He promises to fully fund public schools and support educators, to expand Medicaid, create nearly 300,000 jobs in Texas, keep rural hospitals open, and reduce property taxes and health care costs. 

Additionally, O’Rourke will prioritize fixing the power grid to help Texas families, not wealthy energy corporations. Jolt Action proudly endorses O’Rourke because we believe he will bring the change that Texas desperately needs to move forward. 

“It is going to take all of us working together in every community to overcome Greg Abbott’s extremism and move Texas forward,” O’Rourke said. “I’m honored to receive this endorsement, as Jolt continues to do the on-the-ground organizing necessary to get out the vote, win this election and deliver for the people of Texas.” 

Jolt Action endorses Mike Collier for Lieutenant Governor because he has demonstrated his passion and commitment to serving the people of Texas as the biggest champion of public education on the ballot this fall. Throughout his career, Collier has proved capable of creating good-paying jobs for Texans that will help empower the next generation to reach its full potential. 

“The fact is that young Latinos are not only the voters of tomorrow, but the leaders of today, and we are a better state because of their creativity, tenacity, and grit. I hope to be a Lt. Governor that they can be proud of and one that they can trust that will fight for them with all I’ve got,” said Collier. “Together, we can and we will build a Texas where every voice is treated with equality and respect.”

Jolt Action endorses Rochelle Garza for Attorney General because if elected as chief legal officer of Texas, she will lead with integrity and humility. A lifelong lawyer and champion of border communities in the Rio Grande Valley, Garza believes that everyone deserves a fair shot to get ahead in life. She is a prime example of what happens when Latinas become empowered. 

“As a proud fifth-generation Tejana from the Rio Grande Valley, I am committed to representing the interests of all Texans,” Garza said. “Latino youth are a growing political powerhouse and their needs and values should be reflected in our government. As the first Latina candidate for Attorney General, I’m proud to stand with Jolt Action. Juntos, we’ll build a Texas that makes future generations proud.”

Jolt Action supports Jay Kleberg in his campaign for Land Commissioner because he understands the General Land Office like the back of his hand. His advocacy on behalf of veterans is leaps and bounds above what has been offered by current leadership. If he is elected to office, the Jolt team is confident he will be a champion for all communities in Texas. 

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of Jolt Action, the largest nonpartisan civic engagement organization in Texas focused on working with Latino youth,” Kleberg said. “Jolt doesn’t stand for any one party or politician – it stands for the Latino community, families, and parents who make Texas special. At Jolt, they celebrate our shared values as Texans from all walks of life and that’s what this campaign is all about.”

Jolt Action supports Susan Hays for Agriculture Commissioner because from her years of practice as a cannabis attorney to her lived experience in rural Texas, she is the intelligent leader who will get Texas on the right path. This means focusing on bringing solutions to keep farmers in business and keep children from going hungry in Texas. 

“I’m proud to earn the endorsement of Jolt, an organization that seeks to empower young Latinos across Texas,” Hays said. “Together, we’ll restore dignity to the Texas Department of Agriculture and fight for rural Texas.”

Jolt Action supports Luke Warford for Railroad Commissioner because he is Texas’ best shot at securing the state’s standing as Energy Capitol. It will take bold leadership to make a difference and ensure the lights stay on in Texas, but Warford is the person to do just that. 

“For too long, Texas has been held back by the same out-of-touch policies being enacted by the same out-of-touch leaders—leaders like Wayne Christian, who has been in office since I was 8 years old,” Warford said. “I am running to bring a new generation of leadership to Texas politics, which is exactly what Jolt Action is doing every day. I’m so excited to have the endorsement of Jolt Action, and am proud of the work they do to empower young Latinos across Texas.”

Jolt Action endorses Janet Dudding for Comptroller because as a Certified Public Accountant, she is the most qualified candidate to tackle one of the country’s largest economies accurately and efficiently. 

“I am so proud to have earned the endorsement of Jolt Action,” Dudding said. “Texans deserve a Comptroller that will look out for them and I will be that Comptroller.

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Founded in 2016, Jolt Action is a progressive civic engagement organization focused on building the political power and influence of young Latinos in Texas.