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The Power of the Latino Vote

Latinos are the fastest growing population in Texas. However, the Latino vote and amount of Latino elected officials aren’t keeping up with this rapid growth. Even if we do not agree on everything, Latinos champion quality education, accessible healthcare, a strong economy and fixing our broken immigration system

Every 30 Mins A Latino Turns 18 and becomes eligible to vote in Texas

1 in 3 eligible voters in Texas are Latino

Latinos make up the largest voting bloc in Texas

However, only 15% of latino voters voted in 2018

The lack of latino representation in places of power is significant

In 2023, at least 54% of texas legislators are white

although White Texans make only 41% of population.

With accurate representation,

Latinos would have 73 Latino Legislators (27 more than the current 46) in state legislature to represent the Latino population.1

Our votes = our voices

Texas Latinos helped elect President Joe Biden, who followed through on his promise to provide student debt relief to borrowers. (7 in 10 Latinos have student debt.) Every voice and every vote counts to bring transformational change to Texas.

It is up to us to be educated on the issues That Affect Us

to vote for the best interests of all our communities and to educate our friends and families on why the power of the Latino youth is important.

Sources 1 Texas Tribune, Texas Legislature Representation.