Jolt Action

Tell the SBOE to teach our children our real history

The Texas State Board of Education, SBOE, is responsible for updating social studies standards for Texas public schools. This will ensure that more young people, including Latinos, see themselves and their communities represented in social studies textbooks taught across the Lone Star State. 

However, the SBOE delayed social studies updates after conservative lawmakers claimed recommended changes downplay Texas and American “exceptionalism” and don’t present opposing views on the gay rights movement. These delays will freeze updates to history courses through 2025. 

At Jolt, we understand that when we don’t learn our true history, we are doomed to repeat the mistakes from the past. Our children, the future leaders of Texas, deserve the truth so they can pave a brighter path forward for all Texans.

That is why Jolt joins allies, like Children’s Defense Fund Texas – YOUthTX Program, to champion truthful, accurate and ethical social studies curriculum. We need your voice right now to tell our State Board of Education that it must move forward with updating social studies curriculum. You can join us and speak up for an honest education!

Here are three ways you can champion our children’s education:

Email State Board of Education leader Kevin Ellis here

Call your School Board Representative. You can find your representative here and use these talking points

Email your State Representative the same message. 


Together we can ensure the next generation is equipped with the historical knowledge to make the best decisions for their futures and our world.